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Meylon by Erigyr
Hello! This is my entrance for hawberries MYO contest. I usually only make one for these sorts of things, but I might try a couple other design. Anyway, you should swing by and check out some of the cool things Hawberries has done~

Meylon is very vain and spends most of the time trying to look dignified and mystical. Meylon is more likely to accept the use of masculine words, but is usually just referenced to by 'his' name in place of he or his. Despite his great vanity, Meylon is a bit of a bleeding heart. He pretends to be distant and aloof, as it matches his idea of dignity and beauty. Meylon loves lush greenery and clean, wild water.

Story: (WARNING: Kind of long)

There is a little girl. There is a little girl at my pond. Why is there a little girl at my pond? She notices me. I'm a little offended it took so long. Yes, stare at me. Be speechless. "Hello." Her voice is quiet and shy. I'm surprised. All the dirt on her led me to believe she was a ruffian. A shy ruffian? "I'm sorry... is this your water hole?" Water hole. Humph. Such a lowly sounding term. "This is my Pond. Can you see how the sun hits it and makes the water sparkle? It is the picture of beauty." The little one holds her hands behind her and fidgets. "It's really pretty." It is. However, it should be noted that I haven't once been complimented.  She's even moving about! How rude. She seems to notice my annoyance. "Your really pretty too." I waited for her to continue. "And... Your hair is really long and silky looking. Like the royalty in those old stories." I may have held my head up higher, I'll admit. "Only a Dyrmid could have such a lovely coat." She nods. "Why don't you braid it?" Braid it? I had never thought about it. It's not like I could do it myself. The little girl looked down. "I think it would look really nice. One on either side of you tail." Would it? It would. Braids are classy. Admirable. "You do it, then." The girl looks surprised. "Really?" "Yes. But wash your hands first!" She gets to work, deft child hands weaving carefully. After a while she tries to break the silence. Typical child. "My name is Alain. What's your name?" I stood silent for a few seconds to empathizes the importance of my name. "Meylon. The spirit of the Verdant Wild-Woods." "Is this what this place is called?" I didn't want to admit that I had made up the title on the spot. "Er, yes. How lowly of you not to know." She goes quiet. Was I too harsh? I look at my companion from the corner of my eye. She wasn't just dirty. She was also covered in scratches and bruises. "Where are your parents, child?" She looks reluctant to answer as she moves to the other side of my tail. "At the house." "What are you doing out here?" She sighed and mumbled her answer. "I'm running away." I can tell that she wants to change the subject. "Your harness and crown are very pretty. Is it metal?" I tossed my head a little. Oh dear, no one else saw that, right? How undignified. "No. It's polished wood. A gift from a carpenter I met some years ago." She continued to braid my tail. After a while it was I that spoke up "You shouldn't run away from your problems." She stopped and stared intently at the ground. "Why not?" "Cowards run away. Heroes stay until the end." When she was done we said our goodbyes and she went on her way. The braids look perfect. The others will admire them, I'm sure.
There is a girl by the road. Why is there a girl by the road? She isn't moving. When I draw closer I can recognize the road ruffian. It's Alain. Her bruises are worse and there is blood crusted on a cut on her arm. In the distance there is a house where her parents are yelling and I feel ashamed to realize the marks on her before weren't from child's play. I cannot carry her to the pond so instead I lay down next to her and hope she wakes up.

The first thing I see when I wake up is Meylon. He is lying down next to my in the wheat while the crickets chirp all around us. "How long?" Was all I could think to ask. Maylon turns his great head to me slowly and blinks. "Six hours." I try to get up and wipe of my pants, but I feel dizzy and fall over. It had been a while since I'd been hit that hard. "Where are you going?" "I have to go home or they'll come looking for me." He narrows his eyes. "No." "But you're the one who said I have to stay-" "I said you couldn't run away. In this case, however, I would say we are taking our leave of the past. The future is where our minds should dwell anyway."

I have never cared for a child. "First we will go to a nearby village and get you some new cloths." Alain smiles. I think I can manage it.


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I am an artist who specializes with pencils. I am trying my hand at ink and sewing right now. I love music alot and both cats and dogs are cool (But I still like cats more)

Current Residence: Clovis. NewMexico
Favourite genre of music: Mettal/ alternative/ punk/ pop/ techno/ house/ dance
Favourite style of art: I like alot of styles
MP3 player of choice: One with a F*Cking screen

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